All students enrolled at Piberry Institute are offered tutoring. Our dedicated staff and Faculty will work one-on-one with students to clarify, explain, offer tips, make suggestions to improve reading and study habits. Tutoring is a partnership between Instructor and student. Each student is expected to put the time in that it takes to achieve academic success.

Good study skills begin with time management, concentration, stress management, notetaking, good listening and avoiding procrastination.

Procrastination – Procrastination means putting off the things you can do now for a later date. How many things have you put aside for another time? Sometimes it takes years to get back to doing the thing you wanted to do, that you put away for another time when the time is right. Do not get caught up with this lie. Oftentimes, believe it or not, people procrastinate out of fear or they simply do not know where to start. The secret is: start! Just do it! Do what you can do today!

Have a plan and control your day. We know things pop up all of the time; however, when you take control of your World and make everyone else RESPECT your World, you will have greater success with managing your time. Sure, things happen. But, when things are always happening and you cannot control your time or the time people use to pull you away from your goals, then the issue is not them. It is you.
Good Listening – Good listening starts with focus on the content and not on the person who is speaking. Maintain eye contact and avoid getting distracted by other people in class.

When in class, take notes. Do not just sit there and listen. In a four hour class, more than 60 percent of the information that is spoken is not retained. However, when you take notes, you improve your retention to more than 30 percent.
Concentration is very important to your success. Try as best as you can to always find a quiet and peaceful place to study. Make sure you have the tools you need to study with, such as a yellow highlighter, good lighting, or a calculator. Put away your cell phone. Yes. Relax. We can live without a phone. Keep a list of your goals near by so that you never forget the reasons you are making the sacrifices you are today for a better tomorrow.

In today’s busy world, we are tasked with home, work and school responsibilities that add a tremendous amount of stress to our lives. Let us not mention the many financial and relationship issues that can interfere with us achieving our goals. The strategy here is to always remember that you can choose to give up and be the same you have always been, but unfortunately, doing that will not guarantee any of your problems will go away. What rid our lives of problems is overcoming each of the obstacle that stand in our way and try its best to stop us from achieving our goals. Do not let failure win. Keep moving forward to achieving your goals.


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