Piberry Institute is the type of school that strives to make its students feel invited, valued, and supported.  Our programs are designed with you and your goals in mind; to offer you career training that prepares you for entering the fields of nursing, medical assisting and patient care. Allow us to prepare you for this expansive healthcare field where the demand for trained and qualified workers are needed more today than ever. Visit our campus to learn more about our school, our programs, faculty and staff. We will be happy to assist you with achieving your goals, reaching your dreams, and exercising your Power of Choice!

The next Class Starts April 15th, 2024

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Each perspective student upon inquiry is assigned to an Admissions representative who informs them about the admission process including but not limited to the curriculum, policies, procedures, costs of the program, any equipment and services required prior to enrolment.




Piberry Institute is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education, effective September 2014. Further information about COE can be obtained.


Academic Programs


The Medical Assistant program prepares the student to perform administrative and clinical tasks as required in a clinical setting, as required by a Physician.



This school is great it not only teaches you what you need to know accidemaclly but it also gives you life lessons it’s amazing staff will bend over backwards for you to succeed I’ll always be grateful to this amazing school for changing my life giving a purpose in life.

Justin Favela, Student
Piberry is not just a place you can get a career yet, a place you can also call home. Such amazing people you can always count on. No matter your issue it will be solved. They will not allow you to give up!!!! Very recommended.
Mayte Martinez, Student
What can I say about Piberry? Piberry is not a school we are a family. You learn about yourself more than everything else because you meet the most wonderfull classmate and specialy teachers that you can imagine and they make you achive more than what you even though you could get. It is something that only been part of it you could feel because it does not have word to explain. Thanks Dr Picous and Ms Carberry and all my classmates.
Elionai Y Maria, Student
PiBerry is a GREAT school and the absolute BEST CHOICE in M.A. programs ! The classwork is understandable and to the point. Dr. Picou and Mrs. Carberry are wonderful people who truly care about helping you get out of the “going nowhere” routine and finally succeed ! GIVE THIS SCHOOL A CALL AND MOVE FORWARD WITH YOUR FUTURE !
Christina Morua, Student

I just want you to know what a wonderful experience it has been during clinicals. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I will never forget it. Our clinical sites, in my opinion, were perfect. I leaned so much at the most humble environments. It has been a privilege.

Heather, Student

I just started the LPN program and I’m a few months in. Even though I’m new and haven’t taken many classes yet I know for a fact I’ve made the best decision. The instructors are super hands-on and always make the effort to address the individual needs of the students as well as the class as a whole. Dr. Picou does such a great job of explaining and you can tell that they love what they do and care about your progress with daily check-ins and an open door policy. I can genuinely say that I see a successful future for myself everyday at this school and I wake up every morning happy to go to class.

Camila, Student

I’ve been going here for a while. The location is neat and always clean. The school is small so you are always greeted by a familiar face. The ladies in the front make you feel like you belong there. The instructors are clear and patient. Ms Carberry and Dr P are an amazing team that share the same goal as the person walking thru those doors, a better, brighter future. Thanks guys!

Martha, Student

Small classes. Great staff, Great teachers. This school have been the best decision I could have ever made. I would recommend this school if you are focus and ready to be successful in the medical field.

Stacy, Student

Honestly I was not aware of this school until a week prior to when I started to attend this school. From the moment I walked in all the staff gave me a warm welcome ensuring me of how friendly the environment was. Every morning when I walk in the building that welcome me by name and sweet treats with coffee on the side. Being in this school has given me a new love for learning. I have never been excited to learn until coming to this school. Dr. Picou is great at explaining all the material that is essential to our exams and certs. Highly recommend.

Hanna, Student

I can say so much about PiBerry Institute – this is like a second home to me, From the Staff to the teachers && the students. They see more in you than you see in yourself. They push you to fullest potential. They have your best interest at heart always! Thank you so much Mrs. Carberry, Dr. P for
always being the best supportive family I really need! You guys change my life completely.

Stephanie, Student

Coming to Piberry is one of the best thing that I could’ve done. Great staff and students! Highly recommend anybody to come!!

Jennifer, Student

Where should I start?!? To begin, Piberry is an exceptional school. Although they have come from humble beginnings, they have truly taken off like a rocket ship and will continue to propel to the highest of height! I am one of the graduates of the first PN class. The program wasn’t easy and had its challenges such as adjusting to nursing and all that comes with it! Listen, nursing ISN’T easy!!!! I was away from my son, had a health scare, lost family members and had to be distant from friends in order to accomplish this achievement. I can honestly say throughout it all, the staff of Piberry made it all worth it! Our professor, the dean, the president herself was available to us all! I am very proud of myself and fellow classmates. We displayed excellent work ethic, thus resulting in us passing. 100 % be prepared to work! Be prepared to cry, be prepared to rejoice and be prepared to feel accomplished-once your name is called with either PN or CMA attached to it! Piberry will not let you down unless YOU let yourself down.

Makia, Student

I enjoyed attending the Medical Assistant program at PiBerry. Dr.Picou and Mrs. Carberry really do go out of their way and make sure the student is succeeding. Dr.Picou has even on several occasions allowed myself and another student to bring our babies to class because we had no other babysitter and would of had to miss class otherwise. Not only do the school administrators care about how you are doing academically they care about your life in general. I personally have stayed after class just because I needed someone to talk to and their door was always open. I recommend this school to the fullest extent and know that whoever attends there will make one amazing Medical Assistant

Christina, Student

I want to start off to say I’m truly blessed. Dr.Picou & Mrs.Carberry are amazing. You can tell they really care about you and helping you get to where you want to be, they are willing to help you so much. You’ll never find another school or teachers like them. Immediately after taking their class and passing my test for Phlebotomy, EKG and medical assistant I was able to get a job which I have had since 3 years with their guidance, teachings and love. I also was able to complete the license practical nursing program here at Piberry Institute as well they believed in me in times when I didn’t believe in my self and helped me through my financial troubles. They taught me to hold your head up high and what family is regardless of
relation. my life has changed in positive ways due to Piberry Institute and I will always love this school for this and their values!

Trust me you can trust them I’m living proof because I graduated two times!

Derrick, Student

Piberry has never let me down! This has been an amazing school. I have learned a lot and so quickly, and the way they teach is awesome. I highly recommend this school 🙂 thanks Piberry institute.

Daniela, Student

I’m really glad I chose to do my LPN here. I’ve looked everywhere and made my deduction to start my career here. The school is small but very personal. You’ll get to know everyone by name and be able to communicate with everyone in administration in person, whenever you want. Everyone who works here has a great attitude and personality. I really appreciate how much attention they put into every individual student. You will never have any problems here. You do only one class at a time, so you won’t be stressed. Everyone is here to support you the whole way.
You won’t regret it!!!

Elizabeth, Student

Great school and nice staff, I did my medical assistant with them and later went to do my LPN. I definitely plan on going back with them for my RN. I always recommend this school to my friends and coworkers! I’m going on to two years of having my LPN license and it’s definitely made a change to my life in the best way possible and I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for Piberry!

Alexa, Student


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