Medical Billing & Coding Specialist (MBC)

Medical Billing & Coding Specialist (MBC)

(38 weeks, 900 Clock Hours)

Course Objectives:
The Medical Billing and Coding diploma program objective is to provide students with the professional foundation in billing and coding procedures for the medical front office. Students will be able to contribute to the overall financial and reimbursement processes of a health care facility, and will gain a working knowledge of billing systems, government regulations, and third‐party payer requirements that could lead to positions that specialize in medical billing and coding.

Program Description:
The Medical Billing and Coding Specialist diploma program instructs students in the areas relating to billing and coding and ranges from courses in anatomy and physiology, medical ethics, as well as courses in medical insurance, billing, coding, and reimbursement processes.

Students will complete course in Medical Coding, Procedural Coding, Diagnostic Coding, reimbursement and will be eligible to sit for the Certified Professional Coding Certification. Certifications are not overseen by the State of Florida.

Program is eligible for Federal Financial Aid to those that Qualify